PCC 3.8 software has been released. It incorporates new features and improvements including:

  • Added DAQ data file (CSV) import into a Cine Raw file. This feature is for users of Data Acquisition Systems when they may or may not be directly compatible with PCC software. Data is matched to the Cine Raw file by its position for visualization directly in PCC. See PCC help manual for more info.
  • PCC 3.8 is the minimum version required to operate the Phantom T4040
    Starting with PCC 3.8, a PCC update will no longer be required for basic operation of new camera models\
  • For SDK users, a new SDK package is also available including an updated Python SDK called ‘PhPython’ for Phantom camera control and Cine file support. Documentation for the PhPython with sample code included. Contact Phantom support for access to the latest SDK.

Vision Research recommends PCC 3.8 for all current Phantom camera models.

Download PCC 3.8.804.6 from the linked page (click the link halfway down the page)