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Phantom Academy of High-Speed Imaging

Academy of HS Imaging

Technical Education

Vision Research is introducing a series of hands-on technical short courses designed to prepare attendees for advanced high-speed imaging applications. Courses will be taught by Vision Research engineers and invited industry leaders. The content will focus on key technical concepts, notable examples from the field, and two days of hands-on applications training with cutting-edge equipment and under the guidance of experienced applications engineers. Each user will set up an actual experiment, collect and analyze data from a high-speed event, and then disseminate that data to the class.

Depending on the application and the information being delivered courses will be taught by a variety of professional users, developers, partners, and high-speed imaging experts. Each instructor will work to deliver the information necessary for a participant to recreate successful experiments in the future. 

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Ballistics and Missile Range Studies

Next Course Date: April 14 - 17, 2020

Our ballistics short course, at the Phantom Academy of High Speed Imaging, allows attendees to learn the skills necessary to expertly command a Phantom camera in a ballistic or range study environment. The course places a key focus on exposure via hands-on learning and guidance by highly skilled applications professionals from industry and academy.

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